“I am a woman. I desire to state it distinctly, because I like to do as I would be done by, when I can just as well not. It rasps a person of my temperament exceedingly to be deceived. When any one tells a story, we wish to know at the outset whether the story-teller is a man or woman. The two sexes awaken two entirely distinct sets of feelings, and you would put on your tiny teacups at breakfast, or lay the carving-knife by the butter-plate. Consequently it is very exasperating to sit, open-eyed and expectant, watching the removal of the successive swathings which hide from you the dusky glories of an old-time princess, and, when the unrolling is over, to find it is nothing, after all, but a lubberly boy. Equally trying is to feel your interest clustering round a narrator’s manhood, all your individuality merging in his, till, of sudden, and there you are. Away with such clumsiness! Let us have everybody christened before we begin.”

  1. Who is the author of your “I am a woman …” declaration? Why isn’t she credited?

  2. She is not credited because this came from an AP writing prompt I received in 12th grade. I’ve tried to find the source, but alas, cannot. That is why she is not credited.

  3. Her name is Gail Hamilton. That took me one entry into google. It was the first result.
    This site even has an MLA citation on the bottom of the page.


  4. That’s great that it took you one entry into Google. I’ve been wondering who wrote this for the past four years, to no result. It wasn’t always one entry into Google. I had librarians looking, honestly. I love your email is Titanic-themed. Way to go!

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